About ISGEN Group

ISGEN management functions as a company purchases abroad, which is responsible for negotiating the commercial terms as Price-Guarantee. Incoterms, etc.. the manufacture or distributor in the USA mainly.

Industries visited, perform factory inspections or distributors for their dispatch centers and warehouses to be the case, we define the quality parameters required by customers, we negotiate the most competitive prices and to be the case with permission from the confirmed customer purchase orders.

Instruct the client to proceed to issue purchase orders and therefore payment terms and guarantees. The purchase order will depend on the client's needs, for which we propose three services:

Payment to the factory or the dealer based on agreements reached through our purchasing agency service

In the case of products that must be produced in USA, gives ISGEN inspection service and support pre-production - production - pre shipment monitoring and loading of containers

Delegate ISGEN the whole export process of products.

The customer can choose any of the alternatives that fit your needs. Our logistics department coordinates transportation and delivery of goods, exporters facilitating compliance with agreed contracts.

Permanently control the quality of products shipped, to always guarantee full satisfaction. Among the products that we offer are:

  • Valves
  • Pipes
  • Tubbing
  • Cassig
  • Flares
  • Manifolds etc.